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Greeting Message

Welcome to visit DONGDO TECH CO.,LTD.

Thank you for visiting Dongdo Tech, a company that is expanding worldwide as a specialized company of material parts.

Dongdo Tech is a specialized cast steel material manufacturing company that aims to be a global specialist in the casting and machining of specialized steel suitable for defense components and industrial valves.

Since its founding in 1978, we have received orders for the production and processing of casting products from various defense systems companies as well as through various defense related projects. In addition to defense components, we are also steadily growing in the areas of valve technology for ships, nuclear power plant valve systems and industrial valves.

We are concentrating on responding to global competition based on accumulated experience and expertise by localizing the development of specialized high-speed flight and bulletproof/high-tensile materials utilized in various combat equipment.

As a special materials company, we will strengthen mutual cooperation with parent companies by meeting customer needs and reinforcing our position as a trustworthy customer through strict quality management, future-oriented research and development of customer satisfaction with proven expertise.

We appreciate all of you who help and support Dongdo Tech. It is our sincere hope to reciprocate this trust through the continued supply of superior quality products at optimal prices to our valued customers.


CEO Lim Geun ChoiLim Geun Choi