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Manufacturing Process

  • 1. Receiving Inspection

    1. Receiving Inspection

    • The process to inspect raw materials and auxiliary materials
    • 1. Steel SCRAP 2. Alloy iron 3. Welding rod 4. Alcohol (inspection item) 5. Packing box and pallet.
  • 2. Modeling (α-SET)

    2. Modeling (α-SET)

    • The process of making product shapes by A-SET PROCESS using molds according to written casting plans.
  • 3. Mold Assembly

    3. Mold Assembly

    • The process to combine MOLD made of upper, lower and middle parts.
  • 4. Melting and Injecting

    4. Melting and Injecting

    • The process of dissolving press SCRAP and recovered iron with constant materials in accordance with target components. This also includes injecting molten metal into the manufactured MOLD.
  • 5. Demolding

    5. Demolding

    • The process to dismantle casted MOLDs.
  • 6. Primary Heat Treatment

    6. Primary Heat Treatment

    • The process of primary heat treatment (normalizing) to prevent defects caused by oxygen cutting and gouging during the removal of the riser in demolded products.
  • 7. Cutting

    7. Cutting

    • The process of removing sprue and riser using oxygen cutter and gouging.
  • 8. Welding and Cleaning

    8. Welding and Cleaning

    • The process of removing defects on product surfaces, removal of sprue and riser part, and the grinding of welding parts.
  • 9. Second Heat Treatment

    9. Second Heat Treatment

    • The process of thermal deformation according to the mechanical properties of product materials.
  • 10. Nondestructive inspection

    10. Nondestructive inspection

    • The process to inspect internal and external defects without damaging the product.
  • 11. Repair Welding

    11. Repair Welding

    • The process to remove defects caused by the non-destructive inspection of products.
  • 12. S.R Heat Treatment

    12. S.R Heat Treatment

    • The process of stress relieving heat treatment for welding parts.
  • 13. Material Inspection

    13. Material Inspection

    • Machined products :Material inspection of dimensions and appearance.
    • Material condition products :The process to check all specified specifications.
  • 14. Machining

    14. Machining

    • The process of machining and products that have passed material inspection according to prescribed standards.
  • 15. Final Inspection

    15. Final Inspection

    • Checking final finished product dimensions of the final finished product using a 3-D measuring machine for any defects on the machined surface.
  • 16. Packing

    16. Packing

    • Process of packaging products passed the final inspection using prescribed pallets.