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Inspection Equipment

  • Spectrometer

    Model/Specification :
    SOLARIS OES(CCD) PLUS Analyze melt before and after tapping as well as analyze product components.
  • Brinell Hardness Tester

    Brinell Hardness Tester
    Model/Specification :
    HB-3000 Hardness test of material products.
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Rockwell Hardness Tester
    Model/Specification :
    150kg.f Hardness test of processed products.
  • Portable Hardness Tester (Equtip)

    Portable Hardness Tester
    Model/Specification :
    2500N Hardness test on products that are difficult to move, final products and (normal processing) surfaces.
  • Universal Testing Machine

    Universal Testing Machine
    Model/Specification :
    50 ton For physical test.
  • Impact Tester

    Impact Tester
    Model/Specification :
    CharpyImpact Test
  • Magnetic Particle Test Equipment

    Magnetic Particle Test Equipment
    Model/Specification :
    BLACK LIGHT / YOKE Non-destructive inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Detector

    Magnetic Particle Detector
    Model/Specification :
    PICO-MAG SAF 500C Magnetic particle inspection equipment
  • Dimensional Inspection Equipment

    Dimensional Inspection Equipment
    Model/Specification :
    Mitutoyo / Piccoke For product dimension check
  • Digital Thermometer

    Digital Thermometer
    Model/Specification :
    Surface Temperature(0℃~600℃)
    Liquid Temperature(-100 ℃~700 ℃) Temperature Check on Low Temperature Impact Test as well as for Preheating & Post-heating.
  • 3D Measuring Instrument

    3D Measuring Instrument
    Model/Specification :
    Global Advantage 9.20.8 For product dimension check.
  • Layout Machine

    Layout Machine
    Model/Specification :
    TMC-800 /2000 X 1500 X 1500 Identification of material dimensions and marking of machining standards.